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by Unknown


Avatar Keizer Ei made an annotation at 6499 -949 167 while standing at 4945 193 412 2 weeks ago
not a lot of flanks on stage 3 resulting in this becoming a pretty powerful sightline because youre very hard to reach
Avatar FloofCollie left feedback: 2 weeks ago
I think there's too much height difference on stage 3 mid, its easier to stand back and rain down than try and cap
Avatar [UHG]barracks obimbo made an annotation at 1577 31 211 while standing at 1624 52 236 2 weeks ago
nasty heavy head glitch place here
The first stage has the same problem as the third
Avatar aDay made an annotation at -3682 1003 528 while standing at -3182 1173 642 2 weeks ago
2 minutes are great for fast-paced action. But, stage 3 timer's only benefit BLU since RED has one more minute for defendih
Avatar aDay made an annotation at -3919 3152 690 while standing at -3648 3424 690 2 weeks ago
no easy-to-access flank route in Stage 3. Maybe add one on the 'B' door in either RED and BLU teams.
Avatar aDay made an annotation at 5930 -1929 271 while standing at 5960 -1852 276 2 weeks ago
No easy-to-access flank route on Stage #3
the point on the third stage feels really hard to approach because the enemy team pretty muchspawns right on it
Avatar pivotman319 made an annotation at 6219 -1342 384 while standing at 6149 -1476 405 2 weeks ago
why are both timers not the same?