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by Unknown


Avatar PigPig left feedback: last month
make this map attack defend. remove the ctf element
Avatar Gangrene left feedback: last month
why am I fighting so hard to keep people from looking at our spawn doors
Avatar Defcon left feedback: last month
it feels like almost every height difference is a 256 ledge and it makes the layout feel a bit mundane tbh
I might have misunderstood the gameplay loop - it might be that you intend for BLU to hold the delivery zone, and their battle is to get the flags and to bring them back to it. However, if it's like that, why not make it the much better, standard ADCTF instead?
Avatar norfolk made an annotation at 327 1798 321 while standing at 268 2247 321 last month
hard to tell this is glass from a distance
Avatar ibex left feedback: last month
seems like D is the only point that makes sense in this style, I don't think ABC work really
Avatar Defcon left feedback: last month
i feel like the multiple flag spawns overcomplicates the layout without adding much to the gameplay
Avatar Loose Noose left feedback: last month
this health kit is in a weird place. Doesn't feel like it should be here
Though the positions of the "points" are similar to a steeltype, the gameplay loop differs in that BLU is required to attack the delivery zone each time. Because of this, what stops RED from camping the delivery zone the whole round? In Steel, RED has to decide whether to defend the outer points or the main point, because the outer points can be capped on their own without visiting the main point. No such decision exists here. The gameplay loop isn't especially interesting or satisfying, since RED holds the delivery zone for a while, gets cleared off and capped, then BLU has to fade back to get the flag because they can't hope to hold the point until the flag comes to them, especially if there aren't respawning players to come to them, which lets RED automatically hold the delivery zone again. It's the same for every part of every round.
Avatar Itspice left feedback: last month
i think you should stick with how standard adctf is set up. look at Mannscaped for an example
Avatar ibex left feedback: last month
red needs to be more easily able to reach the capzone
Avatar erk made an annotation at -896 1069 351 while standing at -687 1092 260 last month
a, or b? which is it
Avatar erk left feedback: last month
you dont know how to use signs
Avatar Wilson left feedback: last month
Here it feels like they are scattered all over the place and as a result so does the gameplay.
Avatar Wilson left feedback: last month
On your csf maps the flags get deeper into the base in linear fashion.
Avatar ibex left feedback: last month
taking it back to blus base makes it super easy to cap, idk how you are supposed to catch up
Avatar Wilson left feedback: last month
I feel like this lacks the simplicity of regular csf.
Avatar ibex left feedback: last month
this is kinda turning into insta-cap cp
Avatar Defcon made an annotation at 336 1004 92 while standing at 352 941 140 last month
red can't really retake this area once blu caps once so making them come back here to cap 2 more times seems pointless
Avatar Jacurutu made an annotation at 1267 -2352 292 while standing at 1744 -2352 292 last month
Objectives seem needlessly complicated