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by Unknown


Avatar [T.C.B.M]DrSquishy made an annotation at 1081 -5 394 while standing at 1075 -6 394 Yesterday
the torch's sounds seem to include water
Avatar Adawnby made an annotation at 982 478 156 while standing at 1001 509 170 2 weeks ago
place nobuild in some of the bushes as you can hide a sentry in them
Avatar Adawnby left feedback: 2 weeks ago
some of the props need to be clipped as you can get stuck on them
Avatar erk made an annotation at -1527 -1763 424 while standing at -1096 -1445 254 2 weeks ago
this plant looks out of place
Avatar erk made an annotation at 372 1602 263 while standing at 324 1797 260 2 weeks ago
these lights are too bright
Avatar abp left feedback: 2 weeks ago
make this arena tc
Avatar GordonR left feedback: 2 weeks ago
this map is good
Avatar MegaPieManPHD made an annotation at 876 1600 248 while standing at 906 1682 262 2 weeks ago
there needs to be a better transition between spytech and ancient textures here. Looks odd to go straight from one to the o