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by Unknown


Avatar SollyBoi made an annotation at -347 -2210 240 while standing at -448 -2044 267 4 weeks ago
that barrier does not fit
Avatar idolon left feedback: 5 weeks ago
and you really can't shoot them through the doorway either
Avatar idolon left feedback: 5 weeks ago
a soldier got at least 3 or 4 kills just camping that one spot
Avatar idolon left feedback: 5 weeks ago
nobody knows you're there and you have the props in place to just let a guy get up there
Avatar idolon made an annotation at 467 346 427 while standing at 522 245 456 5 weeks ago
you can just camp this fence and watch the door
Avatar erk made an annotation at -110 -1421 252 while standing at -103 -1432 267 5 weeks ago
clip this fam
Avatar youporkchop5 left feedback: 5 weeks ago
bit of pop-in near the spawn
Avatar YOYOYO made an annotation at -4324 -3586 1188 while standing at -548 -864 321 last month
these green trees look gay
Avatar Ooooooooo, I'm Bob Dylan left feedback: last month
map is very pretty
Avatar erk left feedback: last month
add a campfire circle for your campfires on red- itll look better
Avatar Lars left feedback: last month
2 points make you able to turtle
Avatar [T.C.B.M]DrSquishy made an annotation at 1081 -5 394 while standing at 1075 -6 394 April 2018
the torch's sounds seem to include water
Avatar Adawnby made an annotation at 982 478 156 while standing at 1001 509 170 April 2018
place nobuild in some of the bushes as you can hide a sentry in them
Avatar Adawnby left feedback: April 2018
some of the props need to be clipped as you can get stuck on them
Avatar erk made an annotation at -1527 -1763 424 while standing at -1096 -1445 254 April 2018
this plant looks out of place
Avatar erk made an annotation at 372 1602 263 while standing at 324 1797 260 April 2018
these lights are too bright
Avatar abp left feedback: April 2018
make this arena tc
Avatar Nixon left feedback: April 2018
this map is good
Avatar MegaPieManPHD made an annotation at 876 1600 248 while standing at 906 1682 262 April 2018
there needs to be a better transition between spytech and ancient textures here. Looks odd to go straight from one to the o