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by Unknown


Avatar JargonJC made an annotation at 1038 856 48 while standing at 554 966 264 2 weeks ago
a platform for a teleporter would be nice here
Avatar Hamsterkins made an annotation at -413 -1566 354 while standing at 72 -1781 260 2 weeks ago
these railings in this room make it hard to escape from sniper sightlines
Avatar Vycter left feedback: 2 weeks ago
Yeah remember to give them time next time. Quickly make a A5a or something to fix it lol.
Avatar Shadow Esper left feedback: 2 weeks ago
capping first doesn't add any time
Avatar Berrry made an annotation at 239 2053 6 while standing at 91 2144 54 2 weeks ago
easy to get caught on disp