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by Unknown


Avatar iiboharz made an annotation at 800 4129 240 while standing at 727 2422 356 October 2017
Avatar Possessed Inkie Shark left feedback: October 2017
last is very difficult to defend compared to mid and 2nd
Avatar Zuket left feedback: October 2017
respawn times when mid is capped seem long
Avatar iiboharz left feedback: October 2017
this map seems to roll SUPER easily
Avatar Defcon made an annotation at -323 2728 220 while standing at -584 2728 220 October 2017
first time playing so not sure but health/ammo do seem scarce
Avatar iiboharz left feedback: October 2017
Avatar Berry made an annotation at 224 2441 187 while standing at 83 2352 244 October 2017
more hp here
Avatar blamo [no sound] left feedback: October 2017
quick note: take my sightline comment with a grain of salt, as long as long sighlines are used sparingly. Still look intoit
Avatar blamo [no sound] made an annotation at -435 -1525 135 while standing at -368 -1874 161 October 2017
pretty large sightline here