25/0/75 Round Win % (4 rounds) (Click for more information)


by Jerms


Avatar Unhelpful Person made an annotation at -1383 -1297 238 while standing at -1511 -1372 276 last month
put a platform in the tower on A point
Avatar The Ottogirl made an annotation at -1316 1431 606 while standing at -1250 1404 650 last month
clip this
Avatar The Announcer left feedback: last month
blu has too many routes to use - leads to red not knowing what they should defend
Avatar Nick left feedback: last month
defence on this map is very stressful
Avatar TFD left feedback: last month
I found navigating around last a little awkward as red but I still really like it
Avatar dragon small z left feedback: last month
last is really awkward for both teams
Avatar Habber The Quesomancer made an annotation at -2540 1444 -40 while standing at -2663 1186 132 last month
this uses the metal grates you can explode through
Avatar The Ottogirl left feedback: last month
the fences do not fix the sightline issue on this map
Avatar Nick made an annotation at -514 348 14 while standing at -613 281 68 last month
not 100% clear this ledge leads to death, a hazard strip would be nice
Avatar The Ottogirl left feedback: last month
not even an uber push can destroy the sentry nest on last
Avatar The Ottogirl left feedback: last month
we are trapped inside our spawn