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by Emil_Rusboi


Avatar OctoBlitz left feedback: October 2019
Extemely easy to spawn camp blu, funneling everyone down a single round is a horrible decision.
Avatar china chin ching chong made an annotation at -564 -1541 736 while standing at 71 -617 4 October 2019
Skybox in this area is incredibly weird.
Avatar OctoBlitz made an annotation at 689 -678 -21 while standing at 557 -667 4 October 2019
too many people are running here thinking this is another route to mid.
Avatar ThatGreenSpyGuy left feedback: October 2019
the map is very hard for blu to push into
Avatar GarlicLover made an annotation at -218 -537 -55 while standing at 4 -551 4 (Completed - View) October 2019
Avatar Gordon Ramsay's Ballbusters left feedback: October 2019
Everyone is funneled to this same area that gets spammed and flanked by red.
Avatar Gordon Ramsay's Ballbusters left feedback: October 2019
I feel like removing the second path to the 'lobby' at last made this much less fun to attack.
Avatar Kurpitsapuu made an annotation at 841 1564 -149 while standing at 983 1613 -78 (Completed - View) October 2019