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by hondjo


Avatar AsG_Alligator left feedback: September 2018
i feel like blu spawn could be bigger, rn you end up begging funneled through that small door upstairs
Avatar AsG_Alligator made an annotation at -3107 -3612 364 while standing at -2942 -3682 420 September 2018
when bottom setupgate opens you can see it pop up through the window
Avatar Isaac trade.tf made an annotation at -56 -3527 643 while standing at -283 -3428 656 September 2018
this entire upper area feels kinda narrow
Avatar hondjo left feedback: September 2018
note to self, maybe the respawn times are fine
Avatar hondjo left feedback: September 2018
note to self, lower respawn time on second
Avatar Isaac trade.tf made an annotation at -2769 -3388 419 while standing at -2775 -3393 427 September 2018
rubbing up against this water tank and the resuply and jumping is sorta iffy
Avatar dick_crescendo_2 made an annotation at -2652 -3665 494 while standing at -2608 -3728 451 September 2018
spawn room feels a liiiiitttle small, moving the roof up a tiny bit would help alot imo
Avatar Mattie left feedback: September 2018
All the routes back out of B for red involve having to jump up onto something and it feels weird
Avatar a_magical_motherfuker left feedback: September 2018
more stages
Avatar Iceypyro the Shyguy Medic left feedback: September 2018
nice map,fun
Avatar erk left feedback: September 2018
did you leave right as we went to the map???? you were here last map
Avatar king_birb made an annotation at -1938 -3472 231 while standing at -2237 -3392 267 September 2018
It's not clear which direction you need to go when first leaving spawn
Avatar Mattie made an annotation at 545 -2910 511 while standing at 568 -2892 516 September 2018
Change this to a different metal door texture, I keep thinking it can open
Avatar ExtraCheesyPie made an annotation at 1867 -2664 609 while standing at 2424 -2664 609 September 2018
its a little awkward trying to climb the ramp on first point