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by Unknown


Avatar Tye made an annotation at 2412 -1931 312 while standing at 2121 -2030 273 3 weeks ago
this is thin and awkward. maybe double up on the grate?
Avatar Zoomspilo left feedback: 3 weeks ago
this map's themes are a mish-mahs of a bunch of random themes. maybe try only having 2
Avatar Mes left feedback: 3 weeks ago
while the Russian subthemes are novel, they're kind of alienating to a good chunk of the TF2 playerbase.
Avatar blerry left feedback: 3 weeks ago
no hp under bridge
Avatar blerry made an annotation at -1016 1226 170 while standing at -961 1438 203 3 weeks ago
shutter door feels weird (maybe slightly cheap)
Avatar abp left feedback: 3 weeks ago
i think cp2 has too many windows on it's roof - would look better with a couple of em gone
Avatar blerry left feedback: 3 weeks ago
3d sky could be more prevalent in in-game areas
Avatar I dinne ken left feedback: 3 weeks ago
I feel like there are too many seperate aesthetic themes going on at once, focus on one or two and the map will look better
Avatar Mes made an annotation at -2353 1969 266 while standing at -2265 1960 276 3 weeks ago
this staircase/ladder/ramp looks odd with it being that thin.
Avatar blamo made an annotation at -1382 1761 343 while standing at -1594 1527 168 3 weeks ago
e3 reward: best immersive trees