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Last Call

by Unknown


Avatar Nɐǝq left feedback: January 2019
i can stand in last spawn as red and have a giant sightline and also use the resup cabinate whenever
Avatar Stuffy360 left feedback: January 2019
the last point is really annoying to hold on the point, and blue can push too far into the church
Avatar Stuffy360 made an annotation at -7991 7354 588 while standing at -8221 7196 655 January 2019
this spot is so easy for blue to hold, but is right in front of the cap
Avatar Revo made an annotation at -8736 8421 574 while standing at -7368 7736 572 January 2019
too easy for engy to hold this sentry unless enemy uses uber
Avatar phi [no sound] made an annotation at -8744 6536 827 while standing at -8807 6573 876 January 2019
what the heck is this room for
Avatar FloofCollie made an annotation at -8184 4019 406 while standing at -8112 4389 475 January 2019
I think one of these spawns is facing the wall
Avatar //HEI-HIKO left feedback: January 2019
red snipers have gallery shooting on A
Avatar FloofCollie left feedback: January 2019
I love the house in front of BLU spawn as RED spy :D
Avatar abp left feedback: January 2019
sightlines at last don't feel very fun as blu
Avatar abp made an annotation at -8794 6474 823 while standing at -8903 6417 883 January 2019
as a player when a route goes up i expect it to go somewhere but this goes nowhere
Avatar DrSquishy made an annotation at -7724 8347 542 while standing at -7729 8384 572 January 2019
Avatar tyler left feedback: January 2019
also as red i want to get on the train car at B even though its a bad spot
Avatar tyler left feedback: January 2019
blue's approach to B seems too long? it lacks a bit of focus
Avatar Mathtriqueur left feedback: January 2019
I like how the maps looks
Avatar Dribbleondo-Van-Pelt made an annotation at -6891 7208 491 while standing at -6894 7172 499 January 2019
don't put ammo/ health packs on the point, it encourages stalemates
Avatar Mathtriqueur made an annotation at -6740 5610 732 while standing at -6575 5727 812 January 2019
this looks weird
Avatar tyler made an annotation at -2688 1408 42 while standing at -2586 1310 75 January 2019
getting stuck walking up here
Avatar Mathtriqueur made an annotation at -7961 4309 508 while standing at -8136 4080 468 January 2019
I like the door shape
Avatar DrSquishy made an annotation at -8044 6649 1127 while standing at -8602 6030 676 January 2019
this is epic