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by Unknown


Avatar Help! Raccoons took my penis! left feedback: last month
I think blu has to all go along the bridge inside the building before C, add a left connector
Avatar Marina♥ made an annotation at 8090 1050 288 while standing at 8104 1015 307 last month
you get stuck in here with something, and the brush above looks weird
Avatar cupcaaakes left feedback: last month
A is SUPER hard to cap for BLU
Avatar norfolk left feedback: last month
don't put the pine tree props in gameplay areas
Avatar [UHG]barracks obimbo left feedback: last month
insanely hard to switch between attacking routes at A. you need a tele to each one it feels like
Avatar Brandini Panini left feedback: last month
pretty much almost impossible to push A
Avatar Itspice left feedback: last month
this maps layout breaks apart the team instead of foccusing it into an objective
Avatar uses a nintendo wii controller made an annotation at 3061 38 539 while standing at 2962 -119 682 last month
why can I not jump over this