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by Unknown


Avatar Narpas made an annotation at -2578 3681 -113 while standing at -2669 4600 132 February 2018
a passage here would be nice for retaking second
Avatar phi [no sound] left feedback: February 2018
again, it is REALLY REALLY hard to push out from last because of your refusal to add a way on to 2nd that isn't at a disadv
Avatar Knusperfrosch left feedback: February 2018
so many weird angles
Avatar phi [no sound] made an annotation at 655 1665 76 while standing at 601 1813 139 February 2018
there still isn't an easy way back onto 2nd from last even though it's been needed for a WHILE
Avatar Narpas left feedback: February 2018
second forward spawn seems a bit too close to fourth
Avatar Kube made an annotation at 661 2463 -60 while standing at 822 2383 -52 February 2018
this is quite steep
Avatar Narpas made an annotation at -2303 2894 278 while standing at -881 3447 321 February 2018
why is this one way?
Avatar pissboy420 left feedback: February 2018
where the chokes at dawg
Avatar Shadow Esper made an annotation at -530 2713 69 while standing at -344 3887 59 February 2018
cap model is floating