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Powder Keg

by Unknown


Avatar Oats made an annotation at -753 -566 -118 while standing at -785 -414 -75 November 2019
make this wall thicker so its easier to rollout from
Avatar Startacker! left feedback: November 2019
I don't think its been that close in earlier versions too? Would like to hear why you changed it if you did
Avatar Startacker! made an annotation at 615 -2002 -64 while standing at 576 -1860 -43 November 2019
this forward spawns a bit weird with how close to mid it is
Avatar The Irish Mafia left feedback: November 2019
the forward spawn for capping middle might as well be middle with how close it is
Avatar Pyrollenium left feedback: November 2019
sound in spawn suddenly stops when outside, very noticable for me at least