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by Unknown


Avatar Lars left feedback: May 2018
Pretty OP sentry spot, sentries can't get up there and any other class will also have a hard time
Avatar awsumpwner27 left feedback: May 2018
I think that the respawn visualizers on forward spawns should go behind the door.
Avatar XEnderFaceX left feedback: May 2018
why is the Water so painful?
Avatar Lars left feedback: May 2018
Points are capped really quickly?
Avatar Swizik made an annotation at -3191 -539 321 while standing at -3191 -779 321 May 2018
when underwater after falling off the cliff, there is a bug with the edge of the map
Avatar [X6] Herbius left feedback: May 2018
i Like the tiered layout of last
Avatar XEnderFaceX made an annotation at -797 1479 -104 while standing at -641 1237 147 May 2018
this water glitches out