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by Unknown


Avatar Shadow Esper left feedback: July 2018
please add a round timer
Avatar Thewtus left feedback: July 2018
add time limit?
Avatar ZungryWare made an annotation at -1007 589 183 while standing at -1047 322 203 July 2018
love the car lol
Avatar Ooooooooo, I'm Bob Dylan made an annotation at 661 2671 838 while standing at 999 2779 900 July 2018
this door is very dark and blocked from players' view by the wall, so nobody sees it. the train light is really cool though
Avatar erk left feedback: July 2018
disable collisions on railings and put a playerclip on them instead, my jarate and explosives keep getting stuck on them!
Avatar madame swush made an annotation at -744 -2867 907 while standing at -744 -3068 907 July 2018
being on top of the point gives too much of an advantage and is too easy to access
Avatar Tye made an annotation at -588 -989 344 while standing at -633 -1000 373 July 2018
having to jump this step sucks as demoknight
Avatar Blaymo left feedback: July 2018
or rather; the overall mid area is
Avatar Blaymo left feedback: July 2018
center point is too dark, makes it hard to tell teams apart
Avatar FastCo. skelecan left feedback: July 2018
Mid being in a hidden pit makes it pretty easy to walk past
Avatar madame swush left feedback: July 2018
perhaps remove one of the trains, it feels a bit overcrowded. rlly good overall
Avatar ZungryWare left feedback: July 2018
center point is way too dark
Avatar Thewtus left feedback: July 2018
I died while on top of the train?
Avatar KineĀ² left feedback: July 2018
with the rain, trains, and water it feels very gimmicky
Avatar Thewtus left feedback: July 2018
too much health by mid, I should not be alive with how bad I was playing lol
Avatar Startacker! made an annotation at -937 -2223 733 while standing at -990 -2359 689 July 2018
making an immediate 180 turn is odd