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by Unknown


Avatar Defcon left feedback: September 2018
last might be too small. it's really easy for red to cover every route and push out
Avatar LoovyTurgz left feedback: September 2018
feels hard to push even with a scramble
Avatar poy left feedback: September 2018
wierd ambient sound playing for me (sounds like a can rolling on the floor)
Avatar samjooma made an annotation at 2620 -2743 134 while standing at 2598 -2737 120 September 2018
can get stuck here if tehre is a teleport
Avatar hamMoe left feedback: September 2018
move the pickups at last further into blu favor
Avatar poy made an annotation at 2030 -1629 -39 while standing at 1880 -1595 -2 September 2018
wierd lighting under this ramp
Avatar hondjo left feedback: September 2018
blu didnt even touch the last point
Avatar Defcon left feedback: September 2018
i'm more annoyed than i reasonably should be that the ramps don't have a grid like the rest of the floor
Avatar Sor made an annotation at 49 -1009 163 while standing at -11 -1051 212 September 2018
such spam here
Avatar HMRHD Raccoons made an annotation at 863 -2447 -9 while standing at 968 -2194 20 September 2018
Why is this completely seperated? I'm stuck on the other side
Avatar Yeti made an annotation at 1573 -3520 190 while standing at 1903 -3943 155 September 2018
they look weird as they are on the same plane as the walls
Avatar Yeti made an annotation at 1573 -3336 145 while standing at 1627 -3405 155 September 2018
indent these doors by a small amount