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by Unknown


Avatar abp left feedback: 2 weeks ago
still think A should be bigger
Avatar Nixon made an annotation at 822 -302 -99 while standing at 796 -299 -62 2 weeks ago
Avatar Nixon left feedback: 2 weeks ago
the sentry spot on A should stay, but maybe make it easier to spam it out
Avatar Help! Raccoons took my penis! made an annotation at 3485 781 267 while standing at 3688 530 351 2 weeks ago
Can see into the building through a nodraw
Avatar Nixon left feedback: 2 weeks ago
cliffs are hilarious, but move them away from main gameplay areas or atleast add some airblast cover
Avatar Nixon left feedback: 2 weeks ago
the main entrance to last feels really dangerous to enter
Avatar LoovyTurgz made an annotation at 1413 1883 261 while standing at 1160 2125 321 2 weeks ago
this hallway is very spamable
Avatar Tails8521 #RemoveRandomCrits made an annotation at 993 -135 101 while standing at 1096 -151 132 2 weeks ago
maybe a door here?
Avatar Nixon left feedback: 2 weeks ago
if this is gorge style, the distance from blu to first in quite small
Avatar Spooky made an annotation at 3406 762 330 while standing at 3407 761 331 2 weeks ago
pyro would be op for defending this point
Avatar Yrrzy made an annotation at 820 1906 132 while standing at 820 1917 132 2 weeks ago
but wheres the base