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by Unknown


Avatar left feedback: March 2019
overall, the A->B hallway connector thing is the weakest part of the layout to me, but it's still really good
Avatar made an annotation at 2333 1063 282 while standing at 2381 1152 401 March 2019
The immidiate thought is to open this doorway, but that would completely change the area and I'm sure you've tried it
Avatar Yeti made an annotation at -276 1628 512 while standing at -279 1642 548 March 2019
I like that you can sit in these
Avatar made an annotation at 2687 1597 208 while standing at 2775 1590 257 March 2019
I've never really been a fan of pushing this one doorway, but I can't think of any suggestions or how to make it better
Avatar 1000 paper cranes for a hat left feedback: March 2019
the map has a lot of shutter doors and I can't tell which ones work and which ones are for show
Avatar Yeti made an annotation at 2361 2472 268 while standing at 2472 2595 331 March 2019
super long sightline here
Avatar Defcon made an annotation at 383 1261 315 while standing at 397 1263 331 March 2019
would make these nonsolid
Avatar Startacker! made an annotation at 1832 1716 276 while standing at 2142 1570 516 March 2019
Explosions go through these grates they suck
Avatar Yeti made an annotation at 2658 5 351 while standing at 3430 51 489 March 2019
there's NOTHING that tells me that blue is coming from this area, I was suprised and killed because I wasn't told this