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by Unknown


Avatar Muddy left feedback: December 2017
reupply cabinets for red last spawn pls
Avatar phi [no sound] made an annotation at -10195 174 968 while standing at -10086 359 1025 December 2017
Avatar erk left feedback: December 2017
I had no idea that I would be shoved out off the wing on the outside
Avatar Tye made an annotation at 1583 99 134 while standing at 1279 184 196 December 2017
super-easy to get into blu spawn as red
Avatar Tye left feedback: December 2017
what is the height difference on this map. do you want non-jumpers to not have fun?
Avatar erk made an annotation at 1106 -252 127 while standing at 1128 -226 196 December 2017
clipping this would be cool