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by Unknown


Avatar FλNGS made an annotation at 613 -813 -103 while standing at 559 -423 -99 2 weeks ago
something here to help scouts jump up could be good
Avatar Klowwd #ringme made an annotation at 261 -337 -121 while standing at 260 -327 -123 2 weeks ago
you can change loadout to tele into spawn here
Avatar CELESTIA!? left feedback: 2 weeks ago
I feel like second and last have too much of a hike between eachother
Avatar Paper made an annotation at 1422 511 79 while standing at 1311 509 116 2 weeks ago
maybe add a dropdown into the part of lobby right across from this wall here
Avatar Paper made an annotation at 337 -1123 230 while standing at 598 -898 368 2 weeks ago
maybe make this roof taller/more apparent that it's inaccessable, or go bold and make it accessable
Avatar CELESTIA!? left feedback: 2 weeks ago
I was randomly brought back to spawn at no distinct point of time
Avatar [cf] GreenyDTH made an annotation at 225 -256 -168 while standing at 360 39 -126 2 weeks ago
You can enter the doors under the bridge before you have the point need to unlock it
Avatar Radial made an annotation at 4044 1356 114 while standing at 3995 1356 114 2 weeks ago
some soundscapes would be nice
Avatar Radial left feedback: 2 weeks ago
like these swiftwater style doors at spawn