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by AlrexX

  • Game Mode: Capture The Flag
  • Allowing Feedback: Yes
  • Thread: Unknown
  • Last Seen: May 2023 on Demos


Avatar Skipikip left feedback: May 2023
seems really fun to play in casual
Avatar The Announcer made an annotation at -1693 946 212 while standing at -1627 896 271 May 2023
one is reflective, one not
Avatar sono left feedback: May 2023
pretty solid imo
Avatar sono left feedback: May 2023
keep it ctf
Avatar Fault left feedback: May 2023
not really any spots for an aggresive teleporter, and maps too small for 'defensive' ones
Avatar Lizard Of Oz made an annotation at 1834 -2132 -255 while standing at 1849 -2147 -203 May 2023
Avatar sono left feedback: May 2023
consider using shot-clock mode for the flag, considering the ease at which you can access the intel and map's small size
Avatar bolsonaro made an annotation at 1720 -805 344 while standing at 1715 -664 260 May 2023
solid lamp
Avatar breakfast left feedback: May 2023
nice aestheic