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by Unknown


Avatar Carange left feedback: November 2017
less coridoors more open pliz
Avatar Umaroth-24 made an annotation at 504 1725 -237 while standing at 499 1727 -232 November 2017
lol this route is the worst choke ive ever seen, should remove it
Avatar Muddy made an annotation at 534 1041 156 while standing at 520 1078 197 November 2017
errr, is this intended?
Avatar Urban left feedback: November 2017
add a flag reset in the deathpit
Avatar phi [no sound] left feedback: November 2017
deathpits need the trigger to return the intel
Avatar made an annotation at 444 -371 134 while standing at 455 -439 145 November 2017
not very clear you can walk up there, maybe make small walkway so everyone can get here?
Avatar Muddy left feedback: November 2017
pls make the radius of the radio sound smaller, i can hear it from aaages away
Avatar TheCreeperIV left feedback: November 2017
I like the idea of this map
Avatar Carange left feedback: November 2017
a bit too hard to defend
Avatar Umaroth-24 left feedback: November 2017
a lot of the map is just corridors to everywhere and it doesnt feel like it has a structure so its kinda confusing
Avatar Pocket left feedback: November 2017
Or even just LDR since it gives you a smaller filesize and lighting isn't super important during alpha
Avatar left feedback: November 2017
next time compile map with LDR and HDR lighting
Avatar TheCreeperIV made an annotation at 75 880 -145 while standing at -18 1136 -184 November 2017
wierd clipping
Avatar hamsterkins made an annotation at 856 822 -209 while standing at 1357 981 -101 November 2017
parts of the map don't load right
Avatar Bleep made an annotation at 422 -1432 -357 while standing at -247 -1813 -294 November 2017
healthpack doesnt justify fall damage
Avatar Muddy left feedback: November 2017
i have HDR off and i have fullbright lighting
Avatar A random skeleton wallaby made an annotation at 667 795 -171 while standing at 1108 1042 -107 November 2017
broken areaportal
Avatar Umaroth-24 made an annotation at 306 2218 142 while standing at 316 2242 148 November 2017
this isnt working
Avatar Kitten Raee left feedback: November 2017
full fucking bright