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by Unknown

  • Game Mode: Capture The Flag
  • Allowing Feedback: Yes
  • Thread: Unknown
  • Last Seen: June 2023 on Demos


Avatar madcaker left feedback: June 2023
can stand on the resupply signs
Avatar mamafang left feedback: June 2023
idk what to say other than had a blast . love the jump pads n vents
Avatar Wilson left feedback: June 2023
Please remove the trigger from the roof that causes spies to fall on me when stand there.
Avatar YEAT'S BASEMENT GOLEM left feedback: June 2023
remove all clipping
Avatar Jesse Stine left feedback: June 2023
you can stand on top of these borders around the doors
Avatar Lizard Of Oz left feedback: June 2023
flag is in a death pit and does not reset
Avatar Lizard Of Oz made an annotation at 828 -800 763 while standing at 538 -800 763 June 2023
add water where people would land so that jump pads don't inflict fall damage
Avatar Lizard Of Oz made an annotation at 3733 -426 869 while standing at 3719 -401 903 June 2023
can stand on a doorframe
Avatar August101 left feedback: June 2023
don't know if this is a meme or serious; like it regardless
Avatar mamafang made an annotation at -491 -793 718 while standing at -470 -788 756 June 2023
why take fall dmg here :c