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by Unknown


Avatar Aldoux made an annotation at 2992 -406 68 while standing at 2174 -615 171 October 2017
massive sightline, can snipe spawn easily
Avatar Crrrrrrystal left feedback: October 2017
raising the point might help mitigate spam, making the point more fun to take
Avatar Crrrrrrystal made an annotation at 1405 114 194 while standing at 332 -695 281 October 2017
this sightline across the point makes holding it a pain because it's being spammed
Avatar Muddy left feedback: October 2017
mid is very flat, not much fun to fight in in a game that uses verticality a lot
Avatar Crrrrrrystal made an annotation at 94 236 265 while standing at -247 170 337 October 2017
this wall is flat and boring. No one likes flat, boring walls! either break it up or add a new route here
Avatar Crrrrrrystal made an annotation at 4023 -95 68 while standing at 4480 -96 68 October 2017
people don't like vents:P
Avatar Hipster_Duck left feedback: October 2017
Define point (hazard tape, etc)
Avatar Mr. Burguers made an annotation at 1948 -527 146 while standing at 2075 -612 161 October 2017
unaligned textures
Avatar Mr. Burguers left feedback: October 2017
add bumps to displacements by using the noise tool from 0 to 32, then using the raise to tool with 0 on the sides
Avatar A random wallaby left feedback: October 2017
pertty flat battle areas
Avatar Crrrrrrystal made an annotation at 4015 -31 68 while standing at 4416 -32 68 October 2017
mid has no cover!
Avatar I dinne ken [no sound] made an annotation at 1136 174 203 while standing at 685 487 267 October 2017
Avatar theatreTECHIE | AU.RGL.gg left feedback: October 2017
no height variation around the point will make it really boring to play around on