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by Unknown


Avatar i'm using tilt controls :) made an annotation at 2611 -5 228 while standing at 2880 -5 228 April 2018
can get killed in spawn when switching class
Avatar UEAKCrash made an annotation at 1687 138 242 while standing at 904 328 308 April 2018
this sightline to their spawn door is bad
Avatar UEAKCrash left feedback: April 2018
the mid prop is very iconic to foundry, up to you if you still want to use it, but might be worth doing something unique
Avatar Diva Dan left feedback: April 2018
you could probably just shift the position of spawn and the complains would not be so bad about the distances
Avatar Argo left feedback: April 2018
can't change class in spawn
Avatar Corvatile left feedback: April 2018
control point feels very exposed and unpleasant to defend
Avatar AsG_Alligator left feedback: April 2018
check spawnroom stuff
Avatar Messing Around left feedback: April 2018
massive sightlines on mid
Avatar Kube made an annotation at 2611 80 228 while standing at 3016 80 228 April 2018
I die when I change in spawn