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Backalley 1

by Unknown

  • Game Mode: King of the Hill
  • Allowing Feedback: Yes
  • Thread: Unknown
  • Last Seen: last month on Demos


Avatar The Announcer made an annotation at 1422 937 -272 while standing at -1375 1184 -155 last month
Avatar vapor wave cat bf (Jade) made an annotation at -2409 1219 -212 while standing at -2414 1200 -192 last month
I can see the nodraw face of these stairs that are facing the other wall
Avatar MI6zombieguy92 made an annotation at 1569 156 -221 while standing at 1783 213 -202 last month
its rude this is a sightline (for crossing flanks)
Avatar Paper Shadow made an annotation at 4158 -789 -119 while standing at 3960 -752 -119 last month
I don't know if someone has mentioned the black void here
Avatar goobert (not real) left feedback: last month
the door props have never worked for me
Avatar punk rock snep gf left feedback: last month
i can stand here
Avatar DaVinchi made an annotation at 391 -631 17 while standing at 957 -24 43 last month
this map plays really nice
Avatar Tang left feedback: last month
It just needs some more verticality when it comes to its routes, but otherwise fine
Avatar Paper Shadow made an annotation at -1375 778 1 while standing at -1392 791 36 last month
I can stand here
Avatar Tang left feedback: last month
im having fun :)
Avatar Lizard Of Oz / DrEggMann left feedback: last month
I liked it more when you could jump on the roofs
Avatar Hydro Eclipse left feedback: last month
it's too easy to flank and go behind the enemy
Avatar Stuffy360 made an annotation at 3484 -1105 -212 while standing at 3440 -1139 -183 last month
please add a lip here so engineer can build buildings
Avatar goobert (not real) left feedback: last month
Avatar goobert (not real) left feedback: last month
every ceiling in this map is way too low, i should hit my head just by jumping
Avatar Gruppy left feedback: last month
The ceilings for these interior areas could be a little taller
Avatar Perihelion made an annotation at -2072 1503 -154 while standing at -2123 1403 -155 last month
doors not packed properly
Avatar Hydro Eclipse made an annotation at -779 216 12 while standing at -889 328 33 last month
these windows on red have wood that isn't on blu's side. Red can only exit from 1 window while blu has two
Avatar Gruppy made an annotation at -169 240 -55 while standing at 0 300 -19 last month
This room feels pretty small
Avatar punk rock snep gf made an annotation at 1111 166 -204 while standing at 1187 193 -148 last month
disable shadows on this prop