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Cascade - B10

by Defcon


Avatar Mort Stroodle made an annotation at 65 219 545 while standing at 53 240 581 June 2018
sort of getting caught on this terrain
Avatar erk made an annotation at 730 -2520 769 while standing at 723 -2557 785 June 2018
if you added a brushwork fence instead of this railing it could be better concieved that you cant go here
Avatar 1000 paper cranes for a hat left feedback: June 2018
the land bridge still doesn't look very natural
Avatar MegaPieManPHD left feedback: June 2018
most of the map is very detail dense besides mid, making mid feel less important.
Avatar exa_ left feedback: June 2018
it just seems my fps drops everytime i look at mid
Avatar MegaPieManPHD left feedback: June 2018
mid feels kinda bland and open, plus the side areas by mid feel like the should connect to it better instead of dropdown
Avatar youporkchop5 left feedback: June 2018
i like this underground area
Avatar MegaPieManPHD made an annotation at 256 -3092 732 while standing at -182 -3400 755 June 2018
spawn looks nice