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Conduit - A5B

by saph


Avatar Muddy made an annotation at 770 -322 522 while standing at 346 -590 610 November 2017
why are both these buildings 02, makes no sense, immersion ruined
Avatar TheCreeperIV left feedback: November 2017
mid is very open
Avatar phi [no sound] made an annotation at 660 212 68 while standing at 1137 123 129 November 2017
this lowground is great, maybe make it even less visible when you stand on the point so it's even more fun to push+fight on
Avatar phi [no sound] made an annotation at -154 -877 206 while standing at -108 -975 257 November 2017
I like fighting around this structure, and fighting on the low ground, but there's 0 cover on the point so that's not fun.
Avatar phi [no sound] left feedback: November 2017
I don't like how all the chokes to mid are so close to mid and so tight, there's not any open chokes or routes to use
Avatar chin left feedback: November 2017
fun to fight around too
Avatar chin left feedback: November 2017
i think a cylinder type point like gullywash could be cool to block the long sightline between the left routes, might be
Avatar Mp Jens (>N<) made an annotation at 1858 -724 284 while standing at 1880 -686 267 November 2017
can see into the corridor