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by Unknown


Avatar Chromsmith made an annotation at 555 2342 100 while standing at 555 2612 100 August 2017
Can't realy flank with this layout wile rocket jumping or stiky jumping
Avatar Possessed Inkie Shark made an annotation at 821 -1688 81 while standing at 485 -1805 36 August 2017
gap in the displacements here
Avatar Erk https://scrap.tf/heals4real left feedback: August 2017
pretty looking map
Avatar Brerry left feedback: August 2017
map has no pickups
Avatar Erk https://scrap.tf/heals4real made an annotation at 775 1625 64 while standing at 790 1624 114 August 2017
got stuck here
Avatar nesman left feedback: August 2017
health appears to be scarce
Avatar Urban left feedback: August 2017
some areas are so dark I have to squint to see properly
Avatar nesman left feedback: August 2017
seems dark in areas tbh