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by Unknown


Avatar Defcon left feedback: last month
all the cover behind the point makes gameplay pretty turtle-y. feels like there's always a sentry nest preventing me from pushing forward
Avatar LastJester510 made an annotation at 3379 319 103 while standing at 3368 319 104 last month
Texture is not in line with the other
Avatar Defcon made an annotation at -834 930 88 while standing at -845 820 175 last month
sniper gets some weird head-peak sightlines standing here
Avatar Hard Boiled Cheese left feedback: last month
the whole map seems too cramped imo
Avatar YoshiMario left feedback: last month
I wish I could sticky/rocket jump in our lobbies effectively to reach the CP quicker
Avatar JPEG (*.JPG;*.JPEG;*.JPE) made an annotation at -1272 -299 43 while standing at -1272 -300 44 last month
(cont.) they're rooms going into rooms going into rooms, i think it could use some spicing up
Avatar whatheman28 made an annotation at 890 -752 108 while standing at 1111 -562 175 last month
the corridors feel very empty
Avatar JPEG (*.JPG;*.JPEG;*.JPE) made an annotation at -2260 36 36 while standing at -2410 236 71 last month
i feel like these intro corridors feel a little stuffy, not really giving a sense of progression forwards
Avatar seth left feedback: last month
not sure if allowing teams to see across the full width of the map with just a few steps around mid is a good idea
Avatar JPEG (*.JPG;*.JPEG;*.JPE) made an annotation at 854 -192 -51 while standing at 675 -328 8 last month
this is a lil awkward of a lip