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by Unknown


Avatar LoovyTurgz made an annotation at -236 11 150 while standing at -106 50 201 last month
this door clips through the floor above.
Avatar Muddy made an annotation at -357 2108 443 while standing at -531 2311 331 last month
i'd recommend against using dynamic lights in tf2, they tend to fuck with framerates and also make your map compile slower
Avatar Muddy made an annotation at -464 -364 363 while standing at -296 -304 411 last month
routes where you have to crouch suck, don't make em
Avatar Scrub in a Tub having some Trub made an annotation at 224 -3507 516 while standing at 224 -3712 516 last month
i like the more virticle control point you should keep that
Avatar Diva Dan made an annotation at 610 -1148 121 while standing at 456 -1388 196 last month
its a little weird to get to these pickups. maybe some steps in the water to get up to them?