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by Redspyro99


Avatar Defcon left feedback: 4 weeks ago
i just found another one. koth almost never has this much health on an entire map let alone concentrated in one area like this
Avatar Startacker! made an annotation at -1470 557 2 while standing at 793 498 139 4 weeks ago
I barely see this route get used and it seems like a meat grinder to be in
Avatar Defcon made an annotation at 1493 -2 158 while standing at 1555 147 215 4 weeks ago
lots of medium packs very close to eachother
Avatar awsumpwner27 left feedback: 4 weeks ago
maybe there had ought to be more subtler height variations
Avatar InvisiJesus made an annotation at 3532 294 36 while standing at 3977 471 97 4 weeks ago
spawn rooms feel too big
Avatar erk left feedback: 4 weeks ago
the two routes out of spawn dont offer much diversity of how to approach the point
Avatar [T.C.B.M]DrSquishy made an annotation at 210 496 311 while standing at 1374 741 222 4 weeks ago
why is this clipped?
Avatar awsumpwner27 made an annotation at -2638 -697 36 while standing at -2849 -623 68 4 weeks ago
i really like surfing off this ramp from spawn as soldier
Avatar InvisiJesus left feedback: 4 weeks ago
just feels nice to run around in, no complaints really