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by Redspyro99


Avatar Narpas left feedback: 3 weeks ago
The map seems balanced, but I just don't seem to be having fun on it. IDK why, and it might just be me
Avatar blamo left feedback: 3 weeks ago
ever since you opened those routes and reduced highground, Im enjoying this a lot more
Avatar MegaPieManPHD left feedback: 3 weeks ago
mostly long thin hallways
Avatar Drages Nolya made an annotation at 545 360 58 while standing at -599 -705 132 3 weeks ago
move this door
Avatar awsumpwner27 made an annotation at 73 -653 144 while standing at -58 -652 209 3 weeks ago
dark enough here to not to be able to easily see team colours or silhouettes
Avatar erk made an annotation at 1001 -216 314 while standing at 1032 -413 379 3 weeks ago
big sightline from here to the other side
Avatar Jitterskulls |s<bp mplace.tf| left feedback: 3 weeks ago
middle path through building outside spawn was a good idea