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by Redspyro99


Avatar FλNGS made an annotation at -3911 -167 247 while standing at -3887 -192 240 2 weeks ago
roof spam feels cheap
Avatar Cargo_Tokens left feedback: 2 weeks ago
as a spy I can assassin's creed myself down onto players which can't defend themselves
Avatar 14bit left feedback: 2 weeks ago
It's difficult to find health around mid, it's all up high or small.
Avatar skalli made an annotation at -180 11 618 while standing at -210 -84 739 2 weeks ago
more accessible dropdowns from the rooftop may encourage less DM and more focus on the objective
Avatar ibex left feedback: 2 weeks ago
why can you get over the center build? makes no sense for koth
Avatar geegor102 left feedback: 2 weeks ago
mid has way to many identical barrels, just use geometry, or vary pro usage
Avatar In Flanders Field made an annotation at 3269 371 14 while standing at 3271 369 14 2 weeks ago
why isn't this a ramp
Avatar geegor102 made an annotation at -2666 -665 34 while standing at -2711 -685 65 2 weeks ago
why is there a edge here?