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by Unknown


Avatar smig left feedback: 2 weeks ago
feels like you can get flanked super easily, really unfun to attack a defending team, long corridors you have to commit to
Avatar Tim Fortress left feedback: 2 weeks ago
every way to the point feels choky
Avatar Solstice made an annotation at -1275 1024 346 while standing at -1447 1031 404 2 weeks ago
map has too many flanking options
Avatar Leynio made an annotation at 210 1546 197 while standing at 308 1767 235 2 weeks ago
spawn is easy to lock down
Avatar MAJICBUCKET made an annotation at -1740 2520 196 while standing at -1510 2520 196 2 weeks ago
not fun to retake
Avatar smig left feedback: 2 weeks ago
over abundance of health at mid, 4 megas and 2 minis i think, dont need to retreat if hurt while defending
Avatar §bI suck on pizza rolls (CJ) left feedback: 2 weeks ago
quite a few arrows in some places. a few more than you need i think.