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by Unknown


Avatar Harribo made an annotation at 327 361 -56 while standing at 314 385 -49 last month
these props are here just to kill sightlines right? it feels like it
Avatar Harribo left feedback: last month
the different levels of the map dont intermingle in a way that i find interesting
Avatar Mythos made an annotation at -1506 47 24 while standing at -718 471 197 last month
the wall blocks the door from opening here
Avatar sunbird1002 made an annotation at -757 394 20 while standing at -647 579 64 last month
I dont think this wall should open....
Avatar Harribo left feedback: last month
this is tiny and cramped, small enough that i'd have expected arena
Avatar Narpas made an annotation at -475 472 -142 while standing at -445 579 -93 last month
too many doors
Avatar i3green left feedback: last month
celling is too low for blast jumping
Avatar Narpas left feedback: last month
feels underscaled