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by Unknown


Avatar jeff alfredo made an annotation at 87 1175 147 while standing at 153 1196 196 July 2022
don't really like this route, makes it too easy to flank
Avatar P53 Enfield left feedback: July 2022
can build in spawn
Avatar The Announcer left feedback: July 2022
make the spawn an actual spawn
Avatar Paper Shadow made an annotation at -26 1199 153 while standing at -24 1079 196 July 2022
I feel like there should be another medkit on the band side of the map, even if it is just a small one
Avatar arcticcu left feedback: July 2022
fun fun ffun
Avatar arcticcu made an annotation at 502 -255 -93 while standing at 1319 -311 420 July 2022
is it supposed to be possible to stand here
Avatar Alex EatDonut made an annotation at 1237 -498 104 while standing at 1399 -535 196 July 2022
if you are looking to make your bakey convincing down't put baguettes in a container like this.
Avatar Dr. Pyspy left feedback: July 2022
I really like the layout and I really like the visuals so far
Avatar Alex EatDonut left feedback: July 2022
i love how it plays, how it looks.
Avatar Panckakebro left feedback: July 2022
retest with full server
Avatar Tim Ford-Ress II left feedback: July 2022
cool, lovely renaissance market square detailing
Avatar zythe_ made an annotation at -40 800 190 while standing at -76 792 155 July 2022
make all of these physics bottles :)
Avatar OctoBlitz made an annotation at -1289 -320 378 while standing at -1319 -311 420 July 2022
I'm able to stand here
Avatar gangbuster made an annotation at 58 -7 35 while standing at 161 -7 68 July 2022
fountain is kind of annoying
Avatar gangbuster made an annotation at 562 -129 -103 while standing at 611 89 -43 July 2022
pls raise this like half the height of the stairs onto mid
Avatar radarhead made an annotation at 55 -369 113 while standing at 148 -341 171 July 2022
I like this ledge a lot, it's a fun addition
Avatar Kaia! made an annotation at -15 272 12 while standing at 70 157 68 July 2022
maybe add a crate to get back up here via a jump
Avatar OctoBlitz left feedback: July 2022
It feels a bit too easy for people to get behind the enemy team
Avatar zythe_ made an annotation at -276 -117 -27 while standing at -280 -173 26 July 2022
clip stairs
Avatar tf3 beta tester 2002 left feedback: July 2022
Feels like an overkill.
Avatar tf3 beta tester 2002 left feedback: July 2022
This mid has more chaos than Final Fantasy Origins. Both sides of it have a convert way to get around the point.
Avatar zythe_ made an annotation at -1983 745 74 while standing at -1996 744 84 July 2022
Avatar Osac left feedback: July 2022
railings near the point are annoying
Avatar Hydro Eclipse left feedback: July 2022
the clipping on the stairs in the middle needs some work