20/0/80 Round Win % (5 rounds) (Click for more information)


by BigfootBeto


Avatar iko left feedback: 2 weeks ago
reduce visual clutter, especially around the point
Avatar TheCreeperIV made an annotation at 3 -259 -276 while standing at 7 -390 -274 2 weeks ago
those sewer entrences want me to reinact warsaw uprising. (connect the two maybe?)
Avatar Swizik made an annotation at -2071 -567 118 while standing at -2448 -823 34 2 weeks ago
Let people jump up on that small roof
Avatar Hugh Jazz made an annotation at 3224 -205 18 while standing at 3254 143 1 2 weeks ago
nuke the enemy team's spawn at round end?
Avatar geegor102 left feedback: 2 weeks ago
maybe make losing team get bombed at end of round
Avatar geegor102 left feedback: 2 weeks ago
nice use of rocks in skybox
Avatar Dr. Bump |SCG| made an annotation at 1116 -1021 -57 while standing at 1151 -999 -45 2 weeks ago
Might want to make it a bit more clear can't go through here