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by Unknown


Avatar [UHG]barracks obimbo left feedback: 2 weeks ago
hard to recapture in general
Avatar [UHG]barracks obimbo left feedback: 2 weeks ago
seems like the extra routes help defenders of da point than attackers
I have yet to see the team which capped the point in the first mid fight lose it. Ideally, you want a back-and-forth where the point changes hands often, because otherwise one team just holds the whole round and it isn't interesting. That means the point needs to be easier to push than hold - in this case, it's really easy to hold because all the entrances onto the point are really small doorways, it's much easier for defenders to rotate between routes than attackers and the health is placed way too close to the point, meaning it's easier for defenders to use than attackers.
Avatar catfish made an annotation at -2657 1134 693 while standing at -2613 658 772 2 weeks ago
why is this here? it just cucks rocket jumps
Avatar catfish left feedback: 2 weeks ago
just overscaled in general and the three routes dont really connect so you really have to commit
You seem to have squashed most of the sightlines throughout the map. However, totally getting rid of sightlines isn't actually what you want to aim for, because snipers end up feeling slighted. Ideally, you want all 9 classes to be able to have fun in the game that has 9 classes.
Avatar catfish left feedback: 2 weeks ago
this map has really bad optimization for an alpha
Avatar mouth full of drip made an annotation at -52 1166 633 while standing at 120 1252 548 2 weeks ago
rotate your wood textures, please