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by Startacker!


Avatar I dinne ken made an annotation at 29 -105 809 while standing at 1190 2595 239 August 2018
no, stop
Avatar Yrrzy left feedback: August 2018
bagel's nipple point is specifically the right height so that sniper's can't snipe over it, yours didn't fix that problem
Avatar Thewtus made an annotation at -1701 -2009 459 while standing at -1721 -2028 475 August 2018
pls make this doorframe nonsolid so I don't get stuck on it
Avatar Thewtus left feedback: August 2018
you can go around the entire map without looking at the point once
Avatar Sor left feedback: August 2018
probly make the ledges not go outside the normal clipping brush for that kinda stairway
Avatar Hipster_Duck left feedback: August 2018
The cap area around the platform on mid is quite small, also I'd consider making it circular
Avatar Defcon made an annotation at 2332 2329 426 while standing at 2417 2290 475 August 2018
make this flush with the ground so you can't bump into it
Avatar Yrrzy made an annotation at -605 766 106 while standing at -615 764 107 August 2018
Avatar I dinne ken made an annotation at 473 729 276 while standing at 33 714 337 August 2018
this area is a bit useless
Avatar Yrrzy left feedback: August 2018
the low ground capzone area is way too small, make a donut around the point or just a wider square imo
Avatar Knusperfrosch made an annotation at -1396 -609 138 while standing at -1351 -596 171 August 2018
this sticking up ledge on the side of the stairs is annoying, esp when the medkit is on the other side of it
Avatar Defcon left feedback: August 2018
cp prop is floating slightly
Avatar Thewtus made an annotation at -1310 -46 38 while standing at -1322 -199 65 August 2018
why is there grass sticking up here?