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by Unknown


Avatar m1ddlesch00l1spr1son2005 made an annotation at -397 577 86 while standing at -48 705 161 last month
this roof doesn't need to be clipped
Avatar Trash made an annotation at 416 3731 52 while standing at 416 4096 52 last month
too small
Avatar булка made an annotation at -464 1493 46 while standing at -464 1529 62 last month
op sniper spot
Avatar Mythos left feedback: last month
there doesnt seem to be a lot of health packs
Avatar J05HUA left feedback: last month
health packs are somewhat hard to find and the map could also benefit with some more team coloring
Avatar Paper left feedback: last month
map is overall too short (skybox at least) and not wide enough (particularly inside the buildings)