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by Unknown


Avatar FUNGIFORM made an annotation at -1134 4933 -167 while standing at -1284 4849 -187 December 2019
giant calendar giant calendar
Avatar Scion made an annotation at 1912 2728 -107 while standing at 1926 2665 -62 December 2019
clip this
Avatar MegapiemanPHD made an annotation at 978 3517 124 while standing at 987 3380 132 December 2019
could use some better and easier to access highground
Avatar ecp left feedback: December 2019
pls more color
Avatar Possessed Inkie Shark made an annotation at 559 4498 -136 while standing at 551 4504 -123 December 2019
get stuck here
Avatar Kaia! made an annotation at 1985 4090 -55 while standing at 3152 5259 21 November 2019
from here across is kinda annoying. you can move up, but covering the flanks are decently easy. let us get close!
Avatar Kaia! made an annotation at 1996 4854 -14 while standing at 2203 4869 19 November 2019
I'd choose a different model to fight around..
Avatar Kaia! left feedback: November 2019
Fighting over heights feels alittle weird. Need to think of how to explain it better, sorry.
Avatar Kaia! made an annotation at 2842 3168 -301 while standing at 2970 3141 -190 November 2019
I'd say the inset doesn't need to be as deep for these. Players can get caught in it.
Avatar Kaia! made an annotation at 2104 3269 41 while standing at 2188 3245 93 November 2019
check the collisions on the rope an hailrails of this. felt weird
Avatar Narpas ♪ left feedback: November 2019
cap point feels a bit small
Avatar Defcon made an annotation at -1753 4647 99 while standing at -1226 4861 -180 November 2019
make the lamps in spawn dimmer and make the aquarium the main light source
Avatar 2FleeceTheMasses made an annotation at -1955 4522 -151 while standing at -1856 4784 -187 November 2019
water should have crocodiles
Avatar Wilson left feedback: November 2019
All these ways to approach the point feel the same, there is no reason for me to pick one or the other.
Avatar Wilson left feedback: November 2019
This shark tanks are cool but make no sense theme and detailing wise, it would make more sense if the spawn was spytech
Avatar Wilson left feedback: November 2019
This mid is least interesting part of this whole map, all the interesting gameplay space is not on the point.