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by Unknown


Avatar md left feedback: November 2018
useful in pushes or defenses
Avatar md left feedback: November 2018
there's nowhere for engineers to set up, anywhere around mid is exposed and anywhere further back is too far away to be
Avatar Yrrzy left feedback: November 2018
i want to be able to hold the intermediate area between yard and mid, to set up for an attack on mid, but its just flat
Avatar epicmather275 made an annotation at -284 490 1036 while standing at -588 444 1140 November 2018
remove railing
Avatar DrSquishy made an annotation at 811 506 1083 while standing at 843 765 1141 November 2018
are these stairs clipped? I got stuck here.
Avatar Yrrzy made an annotation at -475 -1583 1070 while standing at 473 -1509 1157 November 2018
this whole intermediate area is still pointless
Avatar Maid of Heart left feedback: November 2018