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by Startacker!


Avatar Yrrzy left feedback: October 2018
i keep mistaking the capzone particle lights for minisentries
Avatar FloofCollie left feedback: October 2018
disable collisions on doorframes
Avatar basilhs333 left feedback: October 2018
good map overall. feels balanced
Avatar Yrrzy made an annotation at 575 -950 133 while standing at 639 -785 270 October 2018
this is an awkward approach
Avatar samjooma made an annotation at -478 1873 -75 while standing at -178 1943 -21 October 2018
your head bumps into this fence when you jump here
Avatar FloofCollie left feedback: October 2018
the leftmost path out of spawn feels quite weird, the twists and turns are unusual
Avatar Yrrzy made an annotation at -64 -261 55 while standing at -60 -213 67 October 2018
did you intend people to be able to cap on these?
Avatar HMRHD Raccoons left feedback: October 2018
Where's the health and ammo?
Avatar youporkchop5 made an annotation at -445 1496 84 while standing at -445 1574 90 October 2018
clip this, it looks like you can only jump over it and i get stuck trying to
Avatar Kiglirs made an annotation at -1781 -2044 417 while standing at -1765 -2019 400 October 2018
the lights in middle makes me think to a mini sentry