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Stormy Hill

by Unknown


Avatar Alex.bsp left feedback: last month
mid is also really flat
Avatar cjpho787 made an annotation at 490 -640 68 while standing at 468 -667 64 last month
mid WAY too open,
Avatar The -- Jorolap left feedback: last month
remove the signs or make them less anoying for firing at the platform of mid
Avatar I dinne ken left feedback: last month
I'm always having to wonder what's around the corner. Defending team has an advantage
Avatar I dinne ken left feedback: last month
the playspace outside of the mid feel really undefined. It leads to the defending team having an advantage since 1/2
Avatar Alex.bsp made an annotation at -624 1071 -6 while standing at -692 1195 33 last month
you don't need to spam props in this room to close it off
Avatar Alex.bsp made an annotation at -658 881 76 while standing at -743 1007 132 last month
looks like missing cubemap
Avatar Lucmain made an annotation at 699 -1501 115 while standing at 559 -749 64 last month
cap very exposed
Avatar Hyperion left feedback: last month
sightline throught the hole mid
Avatar G.A.S. left feedback: last month
amount of deathpit signs is a bit much
Avatar I dinne ken made an annotation at -541 1063 28 while standing at -743 1540 -59 last month
Avatar Diva Dan left feedback: last month
i like the new layout changes
Avatar Help! Raccoons took my penis! left feedback: last month
There is so much health on this map
Avatar ShadOblivion made an annotation at 1152 1186 50 while standing at 1189 1588 -5 last month
It feels like I should be able to jump over this wall but I can't
Avatar ShadOblivion left feedback: last month
the atmosphere and tone of the map is awesome