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by Unknown


Avatar Cause_Key left feedback: October 2018
this sniper sightline is too big
Avatar Startacker! left feedback: October 2018
the deathpit on the side could probably just be a large healthkit and get an ammopack aswell
Avatar FloofCollie made an annotation at 667 -1976 25 while standing at 738 -2053 68 October 2018
you could probably just disabled collisions (and shadows) on this traintrack
Avatar FloofCollie left feedback: October 2018
it feels like there's no opportunity for close-range combat apart from right outside spawn
Avatar FloofCollie left feedback: October 2018
mid and the rest of the map feels very divided, the sightlines mean it's easy to get a strong foothold
Avatar Startacker! made an annotation at 66 -208 115 while standing at 66 -207 155 October 2018
I'm technically on the point if I stand here