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by *Turns into crocodile*


Avatar Jean made an annotation at -1725 -3549 431 while standing at -1770 -3582 452 2 weeks ago
center is easy to dominate with a lv3 sentry
the flow of the map works great, theres a ton of different paths and a lot stuff that scouts can play with by jumping aroun
Avatar zzaJ left feedback: 2 weeks ago
nvm i do have bad things to say about this map. NERF SENTRIES PLS
Avatar Kill_the_Bug left feedback: 2 weeks ago
don't allow sentries near the fial goal zones
Avatar zzaJ left feedback: 2 weeks ago
theres not really anything bad i can say about this map
Avatar Kill_the_Bug made an annotation at -292 -6215 210 while standing at -363 -6249 260 2 weeks ago
water needs to be bigger
Avatar Axzye made an annotation at -1800 -451 141 while standing at -1691 -409 189 2 weeks ago