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by Unknown


Avatar ProfHappycat made an annotation at -712 8155 45 while standing at -771 8365 58 June 2017
add a smol rollback zone on the edge like upward
Avatar Budelbert Calypso left feedback: June 2017
some spots are too dark. i have problems recognizing teamcolors in these
Avatar Budelbert Calypso left feedback: June 2017
i had no clue were i was going last life
Avatar ynders made an annotation at -866 8519 121 while standing at -851 8501 95 June 2017
snipers can peek in and out of spawn to get a sightline on the cart from here
Avatar DJ Sylveon made an annotation at 2340 4285 264 while standing at 2797 4285 264 June 2017
this last is very hard to push into
Avatar I3green made an annotation at 38 6465 274 while standing at 54 6482 285 June 2017
was this intetional
Avatar Elodic LFT left feedback: June 2017
I'd like more metal please
Avatar Elodic LFT left feedback: June 2017
sightlines are very strong
Avatar 9_Loves left feedback: June 2017
not enough time to set up as engi, first time playing
Avatar Urban made an annotation at -1953 4002 172 while standing at -2243 4097 203 June 2017
I am trapped in red forward spawn
Avatar Mizzle Grizzle left feedback: June 2017
Add some more cover in the open areas
Avatar andyv made an annotation at -1955 4085 196 while standing at -2115 4085 196 June 2017
cant build on crate near blue spawn
Avatar blamo left feedback: June 2017
map in general seems really wide open
Avatar blamo made an annotation at -1293 4453 159 while standing at -1709 4256 195 June 2017
really wide open here, snipers could be strong here