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Eureka Mine S1ab

by Unknown


Avatar Perihelion made an annotation at -1239 1336 138 while standing at -1238 1413 171 last month
extend this wall to the left a bit to block a sightline into blu spawn
Avatar Dr. Hemmin [GEWP] left feedback: last month
the middle area is too big; too many opportunities to get surrounded
Avatar [UHG]barracks obimbo left feedback: last month
i think spawn time is supposd to change on point capture? not sure
Avatar Faulty Haulty left feedback: last month
red tends to have too easy a time getting behind and around blu, I am constantly pushed back despite having A capped
Avatar Glaciator left feedback: last month
the blue left flank that takes red behind blue into the first area is too strong for red to get behind
Avatar ])oo]v[ made an annotation at -2730 5171 -162 while standing at -2787 5284 -107 last month
cap noises playing
Avatar Adam made an annotation at -1134 2978 96 while standing at -1096 3077 155 last month
the cap point on the cart track makes a noise every time a person touches the cart
Avatar punk rock snep gf made an annotation at -2891 5474 -170 while standing at -2929 5404 -84 last month
maybe clip this side of ther roof to be flat with the ground beside it