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by SollyBoi


Avatar [T.C.B.M]DrSquishy left feedback: May 2018
defenders have too much height advantafe
Avatar +10 points left feedback: May 2018
for last I forgot to mention that
Avatar +10 points left feedback: May 2018
height advantage for blu that is also easily accessable and relativley open has to be a factor for blu
Avatar Messing Around made an annotation at 2745 4914 -365 while standing at 2730 4554 -132 May 2018
really weird flank
Avatar Messing Around left feedback: May 2018
8s respawn time for Red is a bit fast imo
Avatar Berry left feedback: May 2018
\/ also it looks like it should hurt you, I'm not saying make it hurt you but maybe make it less green
Avatar Berry left feedback: May 2018
clip way out of green water
Avatar [T.C.B.M]DrSquishy made an annotation at 1876 5170 136 while standing at 1922 5299 229 May 2018
offset stair
Avatar awsumpwner27 made an annotation at 856 3102 185 while standing at 851 3266 212 May 2018
you have to be so close to this door to open it that i almost didn't realize that it opens
Avatar awsumpwner27 left feedback: May 2018
second blu spawn overlooks the exact opposite direction blu should be headed. it's a little confusing